10 Incredible Table Top Mountains around the World
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Within the coronary heart of Venezuela’s jungle lies a small group of remoted tabletop mountains referred to as Tepuis. These tabletop mountains, which date again some 2 billion years in the past, are a number of the most historical geological formations.

These “islands above rainforest” are remoted from all different floor and have distinctive animals and crops that may’t be discovered elsewhere on the earth. Tabletop mountains are additionally present in different areas of the globe, the place they’re referred to as mesa or tuya or butte, amba, and easily tablemountain.

Mount Conner, a mountain with a horseshoe form and flat tops is named Mount Conner. As a result of it’s seen from Alice Springs, on the way in which to Uluru or Kata Tjuta, Mount Conner can typically be confused with Uluru. Aborigines within the area name Artilla mountain, believing it’s dwelling to icemen, those that make chilly climate.

Brown Bluff, positioned on the tip of Antarctic Peninsula’s northernmost level, is an ice-capped volcano that rises 745 meters (2,444 toes) tall. It has a outstanding reddish-brown cliff. Brown Bluff is dwelling to hundreds upon hundreds of Gentoo and Adelie penguins.

Mount Asgard, a twin-peaked mountain consisting of two cylindrically formed rock towers with flat tops and separated by a saddle is Mount Asgard. Probably the most well-known of all of the Baffin Mountains, it’s present in Auyuittuq Nationwide Park on Baffin Island. Named after Asgard in Norse mythology, it’s the realm of gods. For the opening sequence in James Bond’s movie The Spy Who Liked Me (1976), Rick Sylvester did a leap from the mountain utilizing a base harness, although the precise setting was the Austrian Alps.

Kukenan measures 2,680 meters (8,793 toes) in top and is about 3km (1.9 mi). The tepui Mount Roraima is close by. Kukenan will be tougher to climb than Mount Roraima, and is due to this fact much less typically climbed. Cuquenan Falls is the second-highest waterfall in your entire world and will be discovered on the south aspect of the Tepui.

Herdubreid, positioned in Iceland’s Highlands, is a steep-sided, flat-topped volcano that was created by lava flowing by way of thick glaciers. A tuya is a flat-topped mountain. The mountain’s unstable and steep sides made it tough to climb, regardless of the existence of centuries-old information.

Debre Damo, northern Ethiopia’s flat-topped mountain with a monastery constructed within the sixth century is its identify. Accessible solely by way of rope, the monastery is positioned on a steep cliff and has the oldest current Ethiopian church. In response to custom, the monastery was established by a Syrian monk in sixth-century.

Canyonlands, positioned in japanese Utah, is a Nationwide Park with colourful surroundings eroded by the Colorado River and Inexperienced River. There are a number of districts that the rivers create on this park. The Island within the Sky is a district that features a extensive and flat mesa providing spectacular views of the nation.

Auyantepuironbrinkmann / Flickr

Auyantepui is Venezuela’s hottest tepui. Its identify means “Satan’s Mountain” and it is the house of many native Pemon folks. Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. It cascades from a cleft at Auyantepui. Named after Jimmie Angel, a pilot who found the waterfalls in 1933. Angel misplaced management of his aircraft whereas coming back from a visit to Auyantepui in 1937. He and his crew took 11 days to climb the mountain.

Mount Roraima, at 2,772m/9094ft is Venezuela’s highest and most well-known tepui. The mountain’s isolation from floor forest implies that nearly a 3rd of all species of crops on Roraima have advanced right here. They’re additionally distinctive to this plateau. Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional novel, The Misplaced World was set on Mount Roraima in 1912. The story describes an expedition that climbs a Roraima mountain to search out prehistoric crops, dinosaurs and different fossils. They’re believed to have remained remoted for a lot of thousands and thousands of years on the summit.

Desk Mountain, which overlooks Cape City is without doubt one of the most well-known tabletop mountains worldwide. The principle attribute of Desk Mountain is its plateau, which measures roughly three kilometers (2 miles) in size and is enclosed by steep cliffs. Desk Mountain’s highest peak is 1,086m (3,563ft) above the ocean stage. A cable automobile takes you to the summit of Desk Mountain, the place there are views over Cape City and Desk Bay. Antonio de Saldanha, a Portuguese explorer and sailor, was the primary European to achieve Desk Bay. In 1503, he climbed the mountain and gave it his identify, ‘Desk Mountain.’


Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is without doubt one of the examples of the volcanic mountains. It refers to a dormant volcano current in Tanzania. It consists of three volcanic cones namingly ibo, Mawenzi and Shira.

115 tepuis

Desk Mountain, Afrikaans Tafelberg, flat-topped mountain in southwestern South Africa, overlooking Cape City and Desk Bay and dominating the northern finish of the excessive, rocky Cape Peninsula. Its tabular form outcomes from almost horizontal layers of sandstone uncovered by vigorous wind and water erosion.

Volcano Mountain is a cinder cone in central Yukon Territory, Canada, positioned a brief distance north of Fort Selkirk, close to the confluence of the Pelly and Yukon Rivers.

The proper reply is Kilimanjaro. It’s a dormant volcano in Tanzania.

Desk Mountain, an andesitic stratovolcano on the NW nook of Lassen Nationwide Park, is an andesitic stratovolcano lively about 1-2 million years in the past.


Desk Mountain, or tablemountain, is a small group of remoted mountains within the coronary heart of Venezuela’s jungle. These mountains are 2 billion years previous, and are a number of the oldest geological formations on the earth. The principle ones in Venezuela are Tepuis, the place distinctive animals and crops can

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