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Lengthy affected by international powers thinking about its natural deposits, Indonesia today is a Muslim-majority country with a great deal to use the globe. From Javanese coffee to Balinese art and also design, the popularity of Indonesia is international.

It’s likewise the globe’s biggest island nation, with over 17,000 islands comprising its scattered landmass. Jakarta, its resources, is a globe city flaunting the second-most heavily populated city location in the world: over 30 million individuals reside in this megalopolis.

With all those islands comes coastlines and also coral reefs, and also with its area on the Ring of Fire comes volcanoes and also rugged landscapes. The all-natural surroundings and also wild animals of Indonesia varies, and also made even more amazing from being scattered throughout its myriad islands.


The sixth-largest island worldwide – and also the biggest island that’s located totally in Indonesia – Sumatra stretches both northwest and also southeast of the equator in the west of the island chain. Normally, it’s warm and also damp.

In the past, virtually the whole island was controlled by jungle, yet in the previous 35 years, around half the forests have actually been shed to logging. There are several seriously jeopardized native varieties right here – from the Sumatran orangutan and also the Sumatran tiger to the Sumatran elephant and also the Sumatran rhinocerous.

The west includes the virtually 1,000-mile-long Barisan Hills, while the eastern is defined by marshy levels. In the north, the biggest city is Medan, developing the biggest city beyond Java. Batam is one more huge city situated in the Riau Islands, simply southern of Singapore.

Back on the landmass, Lake Toba is an extremely spectacular volcanic lake – the outcome of the biggest (recognized) eruptive eruption to have actually taken place in the last 25 million years.


While the Malaysian states of Sarawak and also Sabah – along with small Brunei – comprise north Borneo, the bigger, southerly part is described in Indonesia as Kalimantan. The name is stemmed from the Sanskrit word Kalamanthana – indicating “island with heat,” it appropriately explains the environment right here.

The districts are Central, North, South, East, and also West Kalimantan, with 2 of the area’s biggest cities – Balikpapan and also Pontianak (situated on the equator) – located in East and also West specifically.

The island can be additional partitioned right into 7 ecological communities – mangroves and also montane jungle in the main highlands, heath woodlands and also freshwater overload woodlands in Southwest Borneo, peat overload woodlands and also exotic meadows in South Kalimantan, and also certainly, jungles. At over 140 million years of ages, the Borneo Jungle is among the earliest worldwide.

It’s right here where you can obtain a possibility to find the seriously jeopardized Bornean orangutan; attempt Tanjung Puting National forest on the south shore of Central Kalimantan.


In Between Sumatra in the west and also Bali in the eastern, with Kalimantan to the north and also remote Xmas Island to the south, Java is the 13th biggest island worldwide – and also the globe’s most heavily populated. This Indonesian landmass is house to stretching Jakarta and also several various other large cities, like Bandung, Semarang, and also Yogyakarta.

Near Yogyakarta is the enigmatic Borobudur. This is a Buddhist holy place that goes back right to the 9th century advertisement; actually, it’s the biggest Buddhist holy place worldwide. An additional historical treasure is the 9th-century Hindu holy place of Prambanan and also is Indonesia’s greatest holy place website.

Java is virtually totally volcanic, with greater than 150 hills, making it the excellent website for coffee expanding; plateaus and also highlands play host to coffee Arabica, especially on the Ijen Plateau.

The natural surroundings of the island makes up jungles, mangrove woodlands, and also volcanic insides. Mount Bromo is perhaps Java’s most well-known optimal. An energetic volcano and also just 2,329-metres-tall, it’s preferred with walkers that go there for daybreak and also to peek inside its crater. Mount Semeru – whose name indicates “Home of the Gods” – is the greatest at 3,376m.

From the hills to the eastern shore, Pandangaran Coastline Nature Book is an unique instance of Java’s white-sand coastlines.


Practically touching eastern Java, the area of Bali includes the primary island itself along with the heaven islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningang, and also Nusa Lembongan.

With a built-up south and also a fairly country, hilly north, Bali brings in site visitors with its spectacular Hindu holy places – like the spectacular high cliff holy place at Uluwatu – well-known rice balconies at Ubud, and also sundown coastlines. Actually, it’s Indonesia’s prime vacationer location, with everybody from web surfers to those seeking high-end indulging well provided for.

The lovely coastlines of Bali variety from loaded Seminyak Coastline to much more private choices like Thomas Coastline, along with black-sand Amed Coastline on the northeastern shore with its overseas reef.

Inland, energetic volcano Mount Batur can be treked for bird’s-eye views from its top of the bordering hillsides, consisting of the old Mount Batur, whose crater is currently inhabited by a huge lake.

Nusa Tenggara

Completely exhibiting Indonesia’s island-filled location, Nusa Tenggara is a southeastern island chain composed of several of the nation’s lesser-visited islands.

Implying “southeast Islands,” this area extends from Lombok simply eastern of Bali, with remote Sumbawa and also Flores, right to West Timor. It’s everything about white sands, amazing diving chances, finding falls, and also concealed societies. From damp forest in the north to completely dry savannah in the eastern, it’s this chain of islands that divides Asia from Australia to the south.

Making Up Komodo, Rinca, and also Padar Islands, Komodo National forest is well-known for the gigantic Komodo Dragons – the globe’s biggest living reptile. There’s greater than simply reptiles to see however, with an abundant aquatic atmosphere, also.

On Lombok, the island’s cities, coastlines, and also falls are towered above by large Mount Rinjani (3,726m). Flores, to the eastern of Komodo Island, is well-known for its 3, jewel-colored crater lakes, situated inside the Kelimutu National Forest.


Simply eastern throughout the Makassar Strait from Kalimantan is Sulawesi. The 11th biggest island worldwide, this strangely designed landmass is composed of 4 peninsulas, with gulfs dividing every one; this creates an intriguing location to discover.

The facility of Sulawesi makes up tough hills. This surface is where you’ll discover Tana Toraja, house of the Toraja individuals, recognized for their bloody funeral ceremonies and also unique structure design, tongkonan, qualified by structures with massive, significantly sweeping roofing systems. and also there are likewise some energetic volcanoes on the north peninsula in the districts of Gorontalo and also North Sulawesi.

This area is likewise recognized for its extraordinary dive areas, numerous of which can be located within the limits of Bunaken National Marine Park – a collection of islands off the northern most community. Below, you’ll find virtually 400 varieties of reefs and also a wealth of aquatic life. The Togian Islands in the Tomini Gulf likewise flaunt some spectacular undersea surroundings.

Bantimurung Bulusaraung is a location of karst caverns and also falls where you can find a wide variety of butterflies; the Rammang Rammang Karst Location right here is the second-largest worldwide.


Maluku is a collection of over a thousand islands in between Sulawesi and also the district of West Papua. For centuries, this district of Indonesia was referred to as the Seasoning Islands. Given that as very early as the 9th century, investors from the west (initial Arab, and also later on Dutch) earned the spoils of the islands’ indigenous cloves, along with nutmeg and also mace from its nutmeg trees.

Today, this island chain is a little-visited treasure. There’s Manusela National Forest on Seram Island, composed of seaside woodlands, blue-green sea, swamps, jungles and also 6 hills – the greatest of which is Mount Binaiya (3,027m). There more than 200 bird varieties calling this park house.

In the Banda Islands, you can admire the rainbow corals reefs simply off the shore and also place sharks and also various other aquatic life in the old, undersea lava circulations. Leading diving websites can be located in Pulau Banda, where lengthy stretches of sandy coastline pave the way to crystal clear waters.

Papua (Western New Guinea)

The easternmost district of Indonesia, Papua uses up the western fifty percent of the island of New Guinea, surrounding the nation of Papua New Guinea to the eastern. This district is virtually roadless and also its individuals – ethnically various to various other Indonesians – still search utilizing standard approaches, making it really feel globes, otherwise ages, far from the remainder of the island nation.

Papua’s landscape is controlled by a chain of mountains, which is where you will certainly discover Puncak Jaya. The highest optimal in between the Mountain ranges and also the Andes at a monstrous 4,884 meters over water level, it’s the globe’s 9th most noticeable optimal.

The southerly and also north bogs of Papua incorporate huge systems of marshes, abundant jungles, mangrove woodlands, along with savannah meadows for a remarkably different landscape.

Lorentz National Forest is the biggest in Southeast Asia and also is among one of the most environmentally varied national forests worldwide, including a wide variety of ecological communities. In between the district of Papua and also West Papua is Cenderawasih Bay National forest, recognized for its whale shark populace.

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