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American road trips are always a mystical thing. Thanks to those amazing long American highways that are also glorified in many travel books and Hollywood movies. From driving to the famous Grand Canyon to measuring the highways of the Midwest, American road trips are always fascinating for tourists across the globe.

A road trip represents personal freedom as a traveler, seeker, and explorer. Road trip destinations in America are many, and we need to learn the road rules, and road map, as a road trip can be awful without having conscience of the needful. In this American travel blog, you will get to learn about the best routes for an American road trip to hit the freeway will all confidence.

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5 American Road Trip Routes For A Wonderful Experience

A Group of Friends on American Road Trip
A Group of Friends on an American Road Trip

An American road trip (or any) is always a journey of a lifetime. Road trips are best for those who want to experience the road life, explore distance-to-distance attractions, and take a pitstop of their own choice. If you are seeking the best American Road Trip Routes, then you are at the right place. Read below to plan for an awe-inspiring road trip in USA-

  1. Route 66
The Popular Route 66, USA
The Popular Route 66, USA

Remember the popular song “Route 66” by Nat King Cole? The song goes like “If you ever plan to motor west, Travel my way, take the highway that is best. Get your kicks on route sixty-six”. This American road trip route is well-famous in American pop culture. Once in America, your road trip will be simply vague without hitting the Route 66 highway.

You will be astonished to know that back in 1926, the Route 66 highway used to be 2500 kms long, but it has been reduced to a number of historic byways, losing much of its length and other local roads. Route 66 meets the Santa Fe railroad at La Posada, which is too iconic and is at the top American road trips planner lists.

Distance from Petrified Forest to Kingman: 350 miles

Time to Drive: 4 hours

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  1. Monument Valley
Breathtaking View of Red Sandstone Buttes, Monument Valley
Breathtaking View of Red Sandstone Buttes, Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another one of the amazing road trip destinations in America. The highway is all scenic and is named after the Colorado plateau, well known for its exotic limestone structures. You will get to see the great Grand Canyon as well as Flagstaff if you take route 17 out of the Phoenix city.

You can then take Route 160 to drive thru the red desert landscape and get a sinking feeling of the “Wild Wild West”. As soon as you cross the Arizona-Utah border, you can merge in 191 and I-40 to finally join Route 66.

Distance from Phoenix to Kingman: 195 miles

Time to Drive: 4 hours

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  1. US Highway 61
Highway 61 with Lust Surrpundings
Highway 61 with Lust Surrpundings

The popular US Route 61 connects the southern city of New Orleans to Wyoming in Minnesota and is a 1400 miles highway that is one of the best for South America road trips. The highway is also called the “Blues Highway” in recognition of the musical city of New Orleans and is often mentioned in the blues artists’ imagination.

As the legend say, the iconic blues musician ‘Robert Johnson’ sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of the 61 and 49, flabbergasting? You must choose Highway 61 as one of the best American road trip routes.

Distance from New Orleans and Wyoming: 1600 miles

Time to Drive: 23 hours

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  1. Blue Ridge Parkway
Amazing Way to Blue Ridge Parkway
Amazing Way to Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are seeking deserts and mountains to include in your American road trip guide, then this route is for you! A leafy drive welcomes you to Blue Ridge Parkway. The highway cuts through the most alluring part of the Appalachian mountain range. A 450-mile drive through the states of Virginia and South Carolina is mesmerizing. The Parkway is also designated as a ‘National Park’. The freeway is also the longest linear park in America.

Distance: 450 miles

Time to Drive: 6 hours

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  1. Hill Country Hideaway, Texas
Wild Tecan Landscape, Texas
Wild Tecan Landscape, Texas

You must have seen Lone Star State in the Hollywood movies. If yes, then it’s time to experience it in real life. Drive down to the state highways 335 and 337 is a loop. There’s a lot more to witness once you hit this highway for a road trip in the US.

The wild Tecan landscape lets you witness smooth roads winding through vast canyons, lively rivers, and exciting plains of sagebrush. You must make a stop at Utopia, Texas, which needs no introduction to its extraordinary beauty.

Distance: 189 miles

Time to Drive: 4 hours

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