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Situated in the Pacific Sea simply off the eastern coastline of landmass Asia, Japan is extremely composed of virtually 7,000 islands. The 4 primary, as well as certainly, biggest ones are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, as well as Kyushu, that make up 97 percent of Japan’s landmass.

As the majority of Japan includes hills as well as woodlands, extremely little of the nation appropriates for staying in. Because of this, its big cities – such as Tokyo, Yokohama, as well as Osaka – are all extremely largely inhabited, with the majority of Japan’s 125 million individuals living along its considerable shoreline, which is the sixth-longest worldwide.

In a country loaded with all-natural as well as human-made marvels, it can be tough understanding simply where to begin. Today, we trip around one of the most stunning areas in Japan, so you understand precisely what to anticipate.


Extra sparsely inhabited than any type of various other component of the nation, Japan’s northern most island of Hokkaido is a nature enthusiast’s desire; its wild as well as unblemished landscapes are residence to 6 amazing national forests for you to check out.

Thus, the big island has a wide range of breathing nature for you to take pleasure in. While some components are composed of rolling hillsides, lakes, as well as paddy areas, others show stunning cherry bloom trees, looming hills, as well as steaming thermal springs. While summertime provides numerous treking chances in breathtaking locations such as Shikotsu Toya National forest, winter months produces excellent winter sports problems, with Niseko as well as Furano both being preferred ski locations.

House to Japan’s indigenous Ainu individuals, a lot of Hokkaido was just actually worked out by the Japanese in the last one a century. Because of this its cities as well as communities are rather various stylishly from the remainder of Japan. They are extra modern-day in nature as well as do not have any type of standard design. The vibrant city of Sapporo is the funding of the island as well as is especially worth going to in winter months when it holds the popular Sapporo Snow Event.


Treatment the northeastern component of Honshu – the primary island in Japan – Tohoku is residence to several of one of the most incredible surroundings in the nation. Concealed among its country landscapes, you can locate fantastic castles, temples, samurai homes, as well as thermal springs.

Along with stunning rivers, lakes, as well as sturdy shoreline, Tohoku has great deals of intriguing historic as well as social views for you to explore. The samurai residences at Kakunodate, the holy places at Hiraizumi, as well as the castle at Hirosaki – ‘the Kyoto of the North’ – are all well worth a browse through, together with its funding of Sendai, which is a quite, tree-filled location.

In winter months, a lot of the area is covered in thick snow, so winter sports or indulging the popular thermal springs at Naruko both create preferred tasks. In springtime, stunning cherry blooms illuminate its captivating communities as well as towns. To take pleasure in among Japan’s 3 Bird’s-eye views, ensure to head to Matsushima as well as stare out at over 260 picturesque little islands populated around the bay.


Although Tokyo, the globe’s biggest city, not surprisingly controls Kanto with all that it has for site visitors to see as well as do, the area really has a great deal to provide together with Japan’s advanced as well as busy funding city.

The village of Nikko, for example, is residence to outstanding mausoleums as well as a lovely national forest of the exact same name, while Kamakura has a lot of stunning temples as well as holy places for you to look into – along with its beautiful coastlines as well as treking tracks.

While much of Kanto is found on a level, the area is additionally residence to some exceptional all-natural tourist attractions. The Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Forest is a must-visit for its relaxing thermal springs, the spectacular Fuji 5 Lakes, as well as the great sights it takes pride in Mount Fuji off distant. With background, nature, as well as society all available, Kanto actually does have all of it.


Treatment the main area of Honshu, Chubu is residence to the biggest chain of hills in the nation – the Japan Alps – in addition to Mount Fuji, among one of the most legendary pictures as well as icons of Japan.

As A Result, there is great deals of fantastic treking to be had in the area. Chubu is unquestionably the winter months sporting activities funding of the nation, as both Nagano as well as Yuzawa have great deals of ski hotels for you to look into. Seeing thermal springs is additionally a favored activity of site visitors as well as citizens in the area. Gero, the Oku-Hida Onsen Towns, as well as Yamanouchi are all preferred to see, with the last being residence to the popular showering snow apes.

Background, also, is plentiful; the captivating community of Shirakawa-go flaunts several standard farmhouses as well as centuries-old structures for you to uncover, with the bordering location additionally including the remarkable 3 Amo Waterfalls as well as magnificent Mount Haku.


A remarkable area to check out, Kansai is where Japanese world all started. It extremely flaunts 3 of the country’s previous funding cities, which all display Japan’s abundant as well as old social heritage.

Total with a sensational selection of historic as well as social spots in the form of their several temples, holy places, as well as royal residences, the cities of Asuka, Nara, as well as Kyoto are all extraordinary locations to see. Yet extra amazing views can be seen in the castles at Hikone as well as Himeji as well as the fantastic thermal springs at Arima Onsen.

While the area additionally flaunts busy cities such as Osaka as well as Kobe, Kansai has its reasonable share of stunning nature, with Lake Biwa – the biggest lake in the nation – as well as Mount Koya both especially fascinating to check out.


Comprising one of the most southwestern factor of Honshu, Chugoku is a mainly country area. Although it is normally forgotten by site visitors to Japan, it does flaunt a remarkable selection of castles, yards, holy places, as well as temples for you to take pleasure in, with great deals of beautiful nature additionally on program.

The primary draw is the city of Hiroshima, residence to the Atomic Bomb Memorial Gallery as well as Tranquility Park as well as Miyajima island, to name a few views. The historical communities of Hagi as well as Kurashiki are additionally well worth a browse through.

When it involves nature, Chugoku’s landscapes are extremely varied; it flaunts the only dune in Japan in addition to the biggest cavern as well as plateau in the nation. Furthermore, Mount Daisen is frequently thought about to be the ‘Fuji of the West,’ as well as its mild inclines create some superb walking.


Existing to the south of Honshu, Shikoku is the tiniest of Japan’s primary islands and also as it is rather country in nature. There is an extremely unblemished as well as untainted feeling to a lot of its stunning landscapes.

The island is generally recognized for being residence to the 88 Holy place Expedition; each year, thousands upon countless individuals trek along its breathtaking shoreline, visiting at fantastic old Buddhist holy places as they go.

Shikoku is additionally residence to some rather castle communities, such as those at Marugame as well as Matsuyama. Its hilly inside has great deals of fantastic hiking paths for you to look into, while the Shimanto as well as Yoshino rivers are incredibly popular with experience hunters, that come right here for the electrifying wild water rafting.


Kyushu is Japan’s the majority of southwestern primary island. While it is mainly composed of spectacular hills as well as productive valleys, the wide, level level in the north is residence to its 2 biggest cities – Fukuoka as well as Kitakyushu. While both deserve a browse through for their intriguing historic views, galleries, as well as design, Kyushu’s exceptional charm is what you actually intend to see.

Undoubtedly, great deals of outstanding nature gets on program; you can be going to the globe’s biggest caldera at Aso eventually, searching in the big waves at Miyazaki the following, as well as discovering the spectacular Amakusa chain of islands later on in the week.

Among Kyushu’s primary attracts is the popular city of Nagasaki, which was so unfortunately ruined by the 2nd atomic bomb strike by the United States in WWII. Various other sights are Beppu – a well-known warm spring community – as well as Kumamoto, which has a lovely castle for you to check out.


Extending away in the direction of Taiwan, the spectacular island chain of Okinawa made use of to be the seat of the independent Ryukyu Kingdom till Japan linked it in 1879. Because of this, there is an extremely various look to its captivating communities as well as towns, with the area having its very own social identification as well as customizeds.

While this definitely makes Okinawa an intriguing location to see, the primary factor individuals come is for its spectacular surroundings as well as first-rate coastlines. Its several islands – both lived in as well as unoccupied – actually are breathtakingly stunning. The semi-tropical environment makes it among one of the most preferred traveler locations among Japanese in the nation – it’s simple to see why as soon as you see the ideal nature available.

The island chain is additionally among the most effective locations worldwide to go diving; the carbonated water bordering the islands have lots of attractive corals reefs as well as a bristling mass of aquatic life. Along with this, there is an entire series of watersports for site visitors to take pleasure in, with cruising, searching, as well as angling all incredibly popular.

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